April 6, 2021

Beds similar to Samuel Lawrence Bayfield Panel bed in queen size?

Beds similar to Samuel Lawrence Bayfield Panel bed in queen size?

I just recently moved cross country, and had to be picky with what I was going to take with me. I wish I had given it a bit more thought before I had decided that my 6 year old, slightly damaged, yet very sturdy, Samuel Lawrence Bayfield Panel bed didn’t make the cut. I figured it was just easier and cheaper to buy a fresh one with no damage. Unfortunately, it appears to have been discontinued, with no one having it in stock at any price 😔

Best pictures I could find without too much bedding in the way: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Samuel-Lawrence-Bayfield-Full-Panel-Bed/460985774

The things I loved about it: – For a box spring required bed, it had a super sturdy frame, especially the head and foot board, which was real wood and not compressed crap. – The headboard was very tall, and free of frills. Save for the for rectangle cutouts at the top, there was just a single line that split it down the middle. The part where you’d be touching with your hands, was flat and free of breaks or grooves. – The square design was nice and simple IMO – It had storage space underneath – The dark brown color just seemed like the perfect shade

I was wondering if anyone knew of any panel bed similar to this? I’ve been looking through online retailers. Even after filtering with all the criteria I mentioned above, I’m overwhelmed with a lot of options that at best have super busy headboard designs and at worst don’t even seem to match the filters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙏🏻

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